SENSE Smoke Detector

The SENSE Smoke Detector is an inexpensive smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector for the African market. We saw this as a problem and created a simple device to solve it.

Approximately 10,000 people die yearly in Nigeria from gas leak explosions, generator fume poisoning and smoke from fires. All due to lack of basic infrastructure.

This is prototype No 1 for an affordable smoke alarm that can work with rechargeable batteries or unstable electricity. The device can also send alerts to any kind of phone - either as a text message or notification in an app.

OMI Bottle Filter

The OMI filter is a mobile water bottle filter for the first worlder going to the third world, and it was primarily developed for the third worlder with no access to clean water.

The filter will fit over any 28mm bottle top; which is the standard in west africa and most of the 3rd world so millions can filter water from a kitchen tap, community well or right out a bottle.

over 59,000 children in Nigeria die yearly of water-related diseases - We want to cut the number down significantly. Currently the Nupe Project is in the process of raising funds to make Project Omi a reality in Africa; starting with Nigeria.

IMBUER Tampon Applicator

The IMBUER Applicator a reusable tampon applicator that comes with affordable organic & locally made tampons. In addition to creating jobs - our product also educates women on how to be hygienic and face their bodily functions with pride.

Improving women’s health is essential in reducing poverty and fostering economic growth in Africa. Sadly, most women and girls in Africa still fail to access menstrual pads and tampons due to high costs, especially those from rural areas.

The lack of access to menstrual pads and tampons is exposing women to various genital infections, as they are opting to use unhygienic methods such as tissues, rags and leaves.