SENSE Smoke Detector

The SENSE Smoke Detector is an inexpensive smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector for the African market. We saw this as a problem and created a simple device to solve it.

Approximately 10,000 people die yearly in Nigeria from gas leak explosions, generator fume poisoning and smoke from fires. All due to lack of basic infrastructure.

This is prototype No 1 for an affordable smoke alarm that can work with rechargeable batteries or unstable electricity. The device can also send alerts to any kind of phone - either as a text message or notification in an app.

OMI Bottle Filter

The OMI filter is a mobile water bottle filter for the first worlder going to the third world, and it was primarily developed for the third worlder with no access to clean water.

The filter will fit over any 28mm bottle top; which is the standard in west africa and most of the 3rd world so millions can filter water from a kitchen tap, community well or right out a bottle.

Over 59,000 children in Nigeria die yearly of water-related diseases - We want to cut the number down significantly. Currently the Nupe Project is in the process of raising funds to make Project Omi a reality in Africa; starting with Nigeria.

REPEL Insect Killer

The REPEL insect killer is an automatic indoor diffuser system releases regular bursts of mist to continuously keep a home protected from flying insects and crawling insects.

The adjustable time settings give you the control to select between levels of spray frequency, allowing you to adjust the protection to reflect the insect activity. It can also be switched off for those times or days you do not need protection.

There are an estimated 100 million malaria cases with over 300,000 deaths per year in Nigeria. Malaria contributes to an estimated 11% of maternal mortality. Each refill in this device lasts up to 4 weeks - Releasing bursts of mist at regular intervals during the day and night to protect for mosquitoes year round.

JAZA Solar Battery

The JAZA Battery Packs are charged at the Hubs and taken home by users to power lights and cellphones. This portable approach to energy leap-frogs transmission lines and wired infrastructure.

Every hour of light provided by Jaza displaces Kerosene, which is commonly used for lighting. Kerosene emits carbon into the atmosphere and prolonged exposure is unhealthy. When the Pack runs low on charge our customers come back to the Hub, pay a fee and swap the Pack for a fully charged unit.

Jaza Energy is a solar energy company working to power the 600 million Africans currently living without electricity. The energy hubs are operated by women hired locally. The company was founded in 2015 and currently has operations in Tanzania.